Adult classes are Monday evening 6:30-9:00 or Wednesday morning 10:00-12:30.  The day or evening of your class you can stay longer or come early for 1 hour for free.  Then it is $4 an hour. Other days, if you are a student, you may use the studio for $4/hour. 

Classes are $140 for a series of 4 classes.  If you miss a class, you may make it up during your session (or any session in which you are enrolled) in one of the other classes.

The classes are on going, some people come for a month or two, some people come for years.  You can start at any time.  Material fee is 10 cents a cubic inch for pieces that you have fired.  That includes clay, glaze, and firing.  Otherwise the clay is just recycled and there is no additional cost.

We teach throwing on the potter’s wheel, hand building, and sculpting.   We also teach decorating techniques.   The program is individualized, tailored to your interests and preferences.  We take up to 8 students in a class.

Call 707-538-2554 to arrange or to sign up.

Below are 3 videos of what a beginner who chooses to learn to throw pots on the wheel will learn.  But, remember  the lessons are individualized for each student, so you can learn to throw pots on the potter’s wheel, tune up your throwing skills if you already can throw and learn more advanced throwing techniques,  hand-build or sculpt.